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As an autistic adult, I am somewhat puzzled by the non autistic person's way of life. Smiling, but really unhappy, providing answers, that are untruths, or simply living in a world of lies, deceit, unhappiness and going out of their way of hurting others for their own pleasure, glorification and self promotion. Of course, not every non autistic person fits into this category, but the majority of them I have met do. So, I set up this website so I can tell truths and tell it as it is, regardless of the subject matter and certainly regardless of what others think I should or should not do. I hope you will enjoy it. I certainly look forward to talking the world to rights on all subjects that I am interested in.
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Brexit | Overseas Travel Now Cancelled..!
Published 07 April 2017
Well, as we are all aware, Prime Minister May has triggered Article 50, which is a formal notice of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

I never thought I would ever see the United Kingdom leaving the EU in my lifetime. I voted for Brexit. I also heavily campaigned for Brexit on social media throughout the referendum campaign. I just wish that my father and my best friend were alive to witness this great day…United Kingdom Independence

I sincerely felt that the EU would show a professional approach to the UK's departure from the EU. Instead, all we see is a bunch of unelected officials, dictating to an elected Prime Minister on what they want, and not the wishes of the democratic will of British people.

With all the 'jaw-boning' coming out from the EU, why don't the UK simply walk away and seek global trade? The EU demands are on the verge of blackmail and no elected Prime Minister of the UK should cave into such demands. A two finger Churchill style salute in reverse is needed I feel.

The EU couldn't care a less about their citizens living in the UK and ours living in the EU. Prime Minister May tried to get this resolved soon after the result of the referendum was announced. They wouldn't discuss it until Article 50 was triggered, so people living overseas from their country are, quite understandably upset. Some of these people have lived here or within the EU for years. Sure, I understand that people should not be used as 'bargaining chips', but Prime Minister May is right not to confirm the rights of those living here in the UK until the rights of the British living in the EU are also assured. Equality on both sides should prevail.

I can't hear anyone shouting loud for the British living in the EU. All I keep hearing is those that have settled here in the UK should be guaranteed their rights. Sure, but what about the rights of the British living in the EU? Nobody seems to be shouting for them, and we all should be.

Having witnessed the EU in full swing following the triggering of Article 50, I sincerely feel that a British resident cannot be protected or be safe when travelling around the EU. All the EU seem to want is large sums of money at the detriment of the people, to protect their pay packets and pensions. Stuff the lot of them, that's what I say..!

My wife recently said to me on one quiet night; 'you seem badly effected by Brexit'. Yes, I must admit it, very badly affected. Forget the billions of pounds pouring in the EU from the UK over the years, the EU officials are bullying the UK and their people. The only person that seems to stand up for us, in public anyway, is Nigel Farage MEP. Not been a supporter of Farage and Co, but I am warming to him big time. Say it how it is. Be truthful. Good on Farage for standing up against the 'Mafia and gangsters'!

I have never been a great traveller, and I think my wife would say this is an understatement. The anxiety of travelling and the complete meltdown at airports is not worth it. My wife, on the other hand, copes well when travelling, especially if I am not around...! But I have made a decision recently that may or may not be a problem in my marriage but one that I feel I must take.

I have decided not to travel overseas anymore; especially to a EU country. Why would I put my safety at risk, or spend my money, inside the EU when the British is being bullied by the unelected EU officials over the Brexit result?

My passport is due to be renewed over the coming year and I have no wish to renew it. My wife likes travelling overseas, but I won't be joining her anymore. The world is turbulent as it is, and the EU bullying, dictatorship and stupid open door policies, is causing civil unrest….everyone is at risk. Stay home in the UK and enjoy it. Britain is full of beautiful countryside, towns and places. Seems to me to be more visual, beautiful now that Brexit is happening. The smell of Britain and our strong values are years ahead of the EU. Feel the future. Smell the future. Love the future. A Britain outside the UK will flourish and prosper, believe me. Just need to be believe in ourselves and not be talked down from those outside the UK.

"I can't think of a body of men outside the Kremlin who have so much power without a shed of accountability for what they do" – Tony Benn on the EU
Donald Trump & Nigel Farage
Published: 05 February 2017
Can you believe it? Donald Trump elected at the 45th USA President? I can..!

The jar of Marmite comes to mind. Hate him or love him, Trump is here to stay for at least 4 years, but I strongly believe it will be 8 years..!

Outrage all over the world. But hey, whether you like or dislike him, isn't he doing exactly what he said he would do if the USA voted for him?

One of my life pet hates is people not speaking the truth. What I like most about Trump and his UK friend, Nigel Farage, is if they have something to say, they say it. Is this not refreshing? After all, we only ever get a politician giving us an answer with a take or twist to it.

There are some politicians in the UK that say it, with decency and integrity. John Redwood MP, Ian Duncan-Smith MP, Dennis Skinner MP and some others. Most of the rest, are too-faced, career chasing and more worried about their status and income to really care for this country and the people that live here.

I say we need more politicians that speak out. Politics is changing all over the world now. France only needs to elect Marine Le Pen as their President and we will then have two leaders, Trump and Penn that would speak out regardless. I don't necessarily agree with their policies, but I do love them saying it as it is.

I have never really warmed to the Tory party. I have never forgiven them...

When John Major was Prime Minister, alongside his colleague, Norman Lamont as Chancellor, my mortgage went from £600 per month to nearly £1200 overnight, due to 'Black Wednesday'. I rarely forgive people that do great harm to people.

I must say, for the first time ever, I am warming to our present Prime Minister. Still too early to say whether I will vote conservative at the next election, but if she remains strong and delivers a strong Brexit, then I might, just might, put an x next to a Tory candidate. A first for me for sure...!
Brexit: About time too...!
Published: 05 February 2017
Brexit: About time too…!

People forget that when the British Prime Minister gave us a referendum on the United Kingdom's relationship to the European Union, it was a second referendum. The last one was in 1975, when I was aged just 14 years old; and although too young to vote, an outcome even then I knew would be detrimental to this country and its citizens.

I not only voted to leave the European Union, but I also played an active role on social media, promoting the Leave Campaign. I still do, and will continue to do so until Article 50 has been triggered and when the UK finally breaks away from the EU…for good.

Do I hate or dislike foreign people?. Of course not; my mother's family originate from Italy. What I hate most, is for a foreign power, the EU, dictating how we govern ourselves, how we set law and how much we should pay as part of the UK's membership to the EU.

I have no problems with the French, Germans or any other country. What I hate most, is for an unelected super-power taking away our sovereignty. Whilst I am not a supporter (yet!) of UKIP, I hold deep respect for Nigel Farage for campaigning all his political career on one issue only; leaving the EU. Because of him and his party, we not only did we get a vote, but we won by a majority.

What is now causing harm to the UK, is the constant jaw-boning from those on the remain side. We should all now come together to make leaving the EU work. If you can't do that, leave. Go and live overseas to a country you like; because your constant jaw-boning is not only causing unrest in the UK but also effecting the economy.

As my father liked to say frequently in the past: 'Live and Let Live'.
Masonic Rank - A nod is as good as a wink
Published: 01 February 2017
Travelling around in Masonic lodges here in the UK and overseas, I often hear Masonic rank being discussed; often with raised eyebrows.

How does one achieve rank? I'm not going to bore you with an insight, because it is a subject that is often spoken about, and often misunderstood. But here's a thing....

I have witnessed, here in England, within the UGLE Order, that if you shout loud enough, you could get the rank you really want rather than the rank you deserve.

I know of a well respected UGLE Grand Officer that was sidelined for Grand Rank above someone that he felt was not fit to hold high rank. So, rather than keep quiet and ignore it, he shouted loudly; 'I work burning the midnight oil, and what do I get? Sod all. I've had enough of people jumping above me. I know I deserve Grand Rank and I want to be listened and noticed'. The brother in question, a serving member of a Provincial Executive, was promoted within a couple of months to Grand Rank. Funny, soon after his investiture, he was sacked and removed from the Executive..!

Another brother received a letter from the Province offering him a Past Rank. He sent the letter back demanding a higher rank; and to everyone's amazement, the Province gave him a higher rank..!

So, there you have it. If you want that rank, shout loudly. Forget about working your butt off, instead, learn to shout louder.

A nod is as good as a wink...!
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